How to make things happen

How to motivate yourself and not lose the senses, and pursuit your dreams and not lose hope. This article is philosophical, please read at your own risk:]

For last one and a half year I have been working with Eliza known as Kokers on our project. For more than six months, this work is really intense. As a matter of fact we currently take only enough assigments to earn money for food and social security payments. Every other moment is devoted to work on our project. Without funding, no loans, no investors, all at our own expense and with our own money. Exactly oposite to popular startup method how it turns out. But that’s a whole separate topic:]

Here comes the brain storm!

The closer to the end the more my mind revolves around the various solutions. I must admit that I have no doubt that our product will be great and solid but when it comes to all matters related to marketing and social media makes me slightly horrified to say the least. I think that being an introvert might have something to do with that.
Therefore I decided to suppress my inner introvert and watch as others more receptive than me doing it. Hoping that, even if in one night I will not become a super blogger, eloquent salesman, a marketing whiz, maybe something will stick to me.

World Wide Web to the rescue!

And it stuck:] some really cool sources from where you can learn a lot about business, freelance, startups, and web design in general.

Which way to the pun?, any time today please.

If you are reading this thank you for your patience because I make my way to the point. What struck me, watching all those videos, is what I knew from the get go, and now I just have solid confirmation. To achieve something you have to do SOMETHING. Simple as construction of lollipop( which you will take from a baby later), but not everyone seems to notice it.

No pain, no gain

It doesn’t really matter what we do, and whether it will end with success or failure. Not only that, in most cases almost certainly we will end up failing. What really matters is the state of mental and physical activity. Active mind is tuned for catching (solution, information, contacts, delete where appropriate). Active mind is like a shark that’s constantly moving and it’s only a matter of time when he’s going stumble upon on something to eat . When we do something other things are happening. It’s a bit like our active state fuels the machine of events. As long as we remain in this state until the machine is running, and sooner or later something good will happen.

Be ready

When I was little I went to tennis lessons. More to kill the time on vacation than for pleasure of learning how to bounce green ball on the court. Not much left frome those lessons now, except perhaps as old as the world tennis racket that’s dusting-up somewhere in the depths of my basement. However, I still remember how my coach tells me all the time that I have to move all the time, constatnly balance from foot to foot, lean forward ready to run. This way, once the ball is on my side I’ll be able to quickly run up to it. Much faster than if I was standing still like a stone. Got that analogy?

Remaining in active state has another advantage beside attraction of the events. I’ts the reaction time that matters. And when the time comes you will be ready to jump in. Great things do not come to those who only dream of great things. Great things come to those who do a lot of little things. This little things are like small seeds that you put into the ground, and at least one of them will grow into freaking big tree.

This makes sense?

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