New myspace, new blog design, new land

I knew that something was up with myspace when out of nowhere increased amout of spam emails with “myspace” in heading started reaching my mailbox. To tell you the truth I thought that myspace was turning into fossil somewhere on long forgotten part of the internet.

It’s alive

I’ve lived with the conviction that myspace is breathing it’s last breaths somewhere in the land first affected by social media, where built by trial and error architecture ruins the landscape so much that it is easier to leave it than to change it. Land abandoned in favor of new lands, on which things can be built from scratch with previously acquired experience.

Attention, excavations!

Imagine my surprise when emails with “myspace” in the heading began to show up on my mailbox. At first I thought that perhaps a group of spammers/explorers has found the ruins old myspace and decided to squeeze out it’s last supplies. Before it’s will be completely lost in jungle of broken in mid-sentence comments and old 256 color gifs. Therefore, the first two e-mails went straight to the trash. But it got me thinking that somewhere in the excavations of myspace lies my, completely ruined by updates, profile.

Long story short

I do not know if you remember this, but keeping a profile on myspace required knowledge of HTML definitely above average. Above all, however, required an angelic patience and great consistency, because with each update, to the new version of myspace, profile had to be made​​, code and designed from scratch. Personally, I quit myspace somewhere around version 2 + with a feeling of programming defeat and graphical powerless.


My feelings for myspace over the years have formed in one fairly clear conviction. MySpace always have searched for innovation but executed it in completely awkward way. In other words, they wanted good but the execution was poor. I was wondering what I’ll see when today finally decided to click a link from an email from myspace. I was not surprised when I saw the new look. I will not go into the new features, I didn’t use it for years and I won’t start now. The new design is very trendy, it’s flat, it’s metro, it’s responsive. Personally, I do not fully like the sidebar and footer, but in the end I don’t have to, it’s a matter of taste. Myspace, however, would not be itself if all of this was not fucked up by a horizontal scroll bar.

The end and the beginning

What we can learn from this? Sometimes it is worth to let go of something and get start fresh, from scratch. It’s probably a good punch line for today too.

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