Spotify – cool music app that you should try

Today is the first day when I will be testing, the new on Polish market, Spotify service. For those who don’t know, Spotify is the app that allows you to listen to streaming music on your desktop computer or any other device like a tablet or smart phone.

Spotify what?

Spotify is available for free with ads, in “Unlimited” version to stream music on your desktop computer or a laptop, and “Premium” version for listening without limits or ads on any device you want. Do I really need to say it? Ok, ok :] here is where you can download the app –>

The premium costs 10 bucks a month, which is equivalent of about 10 hot dogs or a few Starbucks coffees. In other words not much :-)

First impression

I’m using Spotify for the few hours now, and I can say that the algorithm for creating my radio station is doing quite good so far. There where few glitches at first but I made a few adjustments and now I can enjoy great quality music of my favorite artists.

I was happy to find out in Spotify library some of less popular albums and artists, I found some audiobooks too, which makes me happy even more. I didn’t find much albums from Polish authors but I’m hoping it will change in the future.

My general feeling after downloading the app is extreemly positive, I think it’s great. The best solution I’ve came across so far.

Wishfull thinking

I just have one wish, for someone to create the same service for TV shows, books, and games. And something tells me that the day my dream will come true, there will be no piracy issue anymore. What do you guys think about it? Let me know in the comments :-)

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