When A Template Based Website Is The Best Choice

Before I dive into the superlatives of template based website, I will define what exactly good website means. Just so we know exactly where we stand.

A good website:

  • gets the job done
  • is readable and visually attractive
  • is easy to use by its target audience
  • provides comprehensive answers
  • is fast
  • is SEO friendly
  • is secure
  • works well on any device and any browser
  • earns you money

If you are creating a new website and don’t specify its purpose from the get go. You are exposing yourself to unnecessary costs and low chance of return on your investment. It don’t matter if it’s a template based website or custom design. A good website should always meet the above conditions. If any one of them is not meet, that means that’s still work to be done.

Myth: template based website look cheap

In theory you can make a complete website for $0. If you don’t count your own time invested in research and learning how to set up website yourself. There are plenty of really cool free templates online. There are also free CMS platforms like Joomla or WordPress. You will also find some hosting providers that offer free web server space (not recommending those). Therefore for someone with basic html and css knowledge, setting up a basic website is the matter of few afternoons.

So what’s the problem? And why, for example, Template Monster for $75 template charges additional $555 for adapting the template to your specific needs? Because the look and feel of the website is the tip of the iceberg. The whole art of creating a good website lies in information architecture. Taking your content and incorporating it into the website is the hard part.

This is the exact reason why templates look great in online demos, but don’t look so good when we upload our own content into them. It’s a bit like buying a suit. Sometimes you’re in luck and you will find something in department store that fits you just right. But if you want something that really fits, you go to a tailor.

Templates are created to be universal. They are designed with generalized standards in mind, so they can fit the most common cases. Most often they are design to look good but not work well. But still the cost of adjusting the template will always be lower than custom design. And a mindful team can arrange and format your content in a way that will look professional.

So when you should use the template based website for your company?

  • If you do not have precisely formulated goals
  • If it is our first website and you’re not sure what would be beneficial to your customers
  • If you want to try things out
  • If you just started a company and your website budget is limited

Template based website can be done relatively cheap. This is a great opportunity to try out what works and what does not. A well designed template and talented developer give almost unlimited possibilities for improvement and expansion. This is a great solution before you will commit and take the next step to custom designed website.

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