What's next?

Things we need to know

If you have got familiar with our offer and have decided to engage in cooperation with us (which we are always very glad to hear :o)) you definitely want to know what's next.

Before we prepare the final price offer and propose the deadline, we need to know more about what you need exactly and what we can do for you. Download and complete our questionnaire – you can do it at any time and send it to us to info@aiocollective.com  You will find the contents of the questionnaire below.

Part I

  1. First name and surname
  2. position
  3. e-mail address
  4. phone

Part II

  1. A few words about your business: what does your company do, what are the advantages of your offer, how does your company help others etc.
  2. Who will be using your website, what’s your target audience?
  3. What is the preferred action you would like the visitors to your website to perform (e.g. call you, send a form, book a date…)
  4. Do you use any third-party system, e.g.: booking system, CRM, store, etc.? (Provide name)
  5. What is the most important thing for you from your company’s perspective? How will you know that the website is a success?
  6. How can a website help your company?
  7. How do you gain customers at present and how can it be changed for the future?
  8. In which direction are you planning to develop your company in the next two years?
  9. Do you currently have a website? (provide address)

Part III

  1. Do you have your website contents ready? Can you send them to us?
  2. Who is you direct competition?
  3. What is your company’s motto? What are the values you follow?
  4. Do you want to have a blog on your website?
  5. Do you want your website to have several language versions? What are the languages?
  6. Does your company have visual identification? If yes, please send us your logo and indications concerning your company colours.
  7. Additional notes

How we price our work

The basic price of 1650€ includes installation, configuration and the basic template adjustment (adapting the colours, the logo etc.) and entering the contents for 5 subpages in one language version.

Uploading extra contents (more than 5 subpages) together with subpages is charged at the rate of 20€ per subpage or per 10 photos.

As our websites are based on the WordPress system, you will be able to add and edit the contents on your own, so actually it is up to you whether you want us to enter only the basic contents or all of them (if the initial contents exceed 5 pages).

Additional services price list

Fixed website costs

Regardless of the product and implementation, in order to function properly every website needs an address (domain) and a server that it is kept on (hosting). We personally do not sell domains nor hosting, but we recommend our customers to use a service we have verified and know it is good – LH http://bit.ly/cennik-hostingu

The average annual cost of maintaining the basic server and a domain ranges between 50€ – 100€ without discounts.

If you decide to use LH hosting, we can offer 20% discounts to our customers for the first year – you just need to enter the following discount code when registering: LH-20-19145


Before we start cooperation we make a contract with every customer. You will find the contract template here. Go through it and see if we can work together.