Additional services


Well, we do sometimes get those “hacker” customers who can handle everything by themselves and they do it quite well as long as nothing gets broken ;). We fix things broken by someone else according to the hourly rate of 35€/hr.

CMS service

We also offer our CMS Service. WordPress that the website is based on as well as applets to it need to be constantly updated (just like the computer operating system). You can do it on your own from time to time (you will find guidelines on WordPress updates on our blog). However, there is always the risk that something may go wrong during update. We now offer the CMS service to our customers, which means that we update the system and applets to it on the current basis, the moment new updates become available. If any of the updates affects the functioning of your website, we can solve the problem immediately. The service also includes monitoring website availability, so if it stops working for any reason, we will know that on the same and we can check what is going on immediately and undertake appropriate measures to solve the problem.

The price for the service is 8€ per month
or 80€ net/yr (you get 2 months free for a one-off payment)

10% discount on each consecutive website.

Good Start

Everybody wants their page to be at the top of the browsing lists. At first it is very difficult to get there, as website positioning is a slow and tedious process. What we can do though is to make sure that Google robots visit your page as soon as possible. The Good Start service includes:

  1. Adding the website to Google
  2. Setting up webmaster Tools and uploading the website map
  3. Installation of Google Analytics statistics

Service price: 40€