5 Books That Will Help You To Grow Your Business

There is so much knowledge hidden in books that it’s unbelievable that so few people read them. Books are the cheapest form of education that exists. You can even have access to vast amount of knowledge for free if you go to the library. However, there are many publications that don’t teach much or that are nothing more than elaborated infomercial of another product. Especially if you look in the Business and Self Improvement category. That’s why I decided to help you started and make a list of absolute entrepreneurial gems.

Best Books For Entrepreneurs

I constantly read something and try to do it actively, which means always with a notebook in my hand. The books listed below contain the most condensed and useful knowledge. These are books that I finish reading with lots of notes, mind filled with inspiration and new ideas. They are about money, business, marketing and modern technologies. It’s a starter pack for every entrepreneur. No matter if you are at the beginning of your journey or you are already a seasoned player. It’s never too late to learn. These are the books that I often recommend to friends or clients and I always, ALWAYS get great feedback.

Launch – Jeff Walker

The ultimate guide to sell almost anything online, create a solid business and live your dream. To tell you the truth I was very sceptical about this book. I do not like publications in which author sells a miracle formula to solve all problems. At the beginning Jeff sounds a bit like snake oil salesman. But if you give this book a chance you’ll find a lot of really valuable information. I judge the quality of the book I’ve read by the amount notes I’ve made at the end. And I must admit, I finished this book with a huge amount of valuable input and lots of inspiration. I recommend it with a clear conscience to anyone who sells a service or product online.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini

An absolute must have when it comes to our company’s library. We have this book in form of an audiobook and listen to it on business trips at least once a year. An excellent guide to how the human psyche works when it comes to making decisions.
What drives us to buy specific product? How we get manipulated into the decisions that are not like us?

In Cialdini‘s book, each theory is portrayed by an interesting story and supported by the results of the research he carried out with his students.
This book should be read by everyone regardless of whether you are a seller or a consumer. I recommend it to clients and friends with the same enthusiasm.

Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco

I love Millionaire Fastlane, because it’s honest. MJ DeMarco says how it is and don’t try to sell you stuff in the process. It feels more like a letter from a good friend who has massive experience in business and willingly shares his insights. A mandatory, eye-opening position for any entrepreneur who is about to retire early when there’s still time to enjoy the freedom.

Whatever tou think, think the oposite – Paul Arden

It’s a book you read in 30 minutes, but stays with you for life. It is worth having it in your collection to come back to it every now and then for a solid kick and motivation to create your own world. Every page is to the point. It will help you to get a different perspective on things you do every day. You’ll understand why it’s important to start acting differently than everyone else.

Ask Gary Vee – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is a specific guy, but you can not deny him charisma, passion and perceptiveness. He will tell you straight away where you are making a mistake and how to fix it. I have read some of Gary’s books, but this one is my favorite. Why? Because it is a collection of questions and answers. Real cases of real people that Gary finds a solution for and he does it flawlessly. In addition, the positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious. If you need something to push you in the right direction, this book is for you.

You’ll Find An Answer To Everything

If you have a problem, something that you struggle with, then you can be sure that in 99 cases out of 100, someone has already described it. And if not, what are you waiting for? Find a solution and start writing :-) Books are the best way to better yourself and your business. I am constantly reading something and will be happy to discover new titles. Therefore, if you have your favourite book about entrepreneurship and you think that it fits this list, share the title in the comments, I’ll be happy to check it out :)

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