6 Beautiful Wedding Themed WordPress Templates For 2018

Like most of our everyday life, the celebration of the relationship is increasingly present in the digital reality. For many people, wedding day is one of the most anticipated days in their lives. It’s obvious that we want it to be special, beautiful, romantic and memorable. But it’s also a huge challenge in terms of organization, logistics and finances.

You can easily manage some organizational matters by setting the simple website. Thanks to it, everyone will be able to find out details about the location, time or plan of the wedding. With the help of the website, you can also automate and improve responses to your invitations aka RSVP.  Not to mention the possibility of showcasing The Love Story and sharing beautiful wedding photos with wider audience.

WordPress Based Wedding Website

Wedding themed WordPress templates are the perfect solution. However, finding something beautiful and well done can be problematic and take a lot of time from your busy schedule. That’s why we’ve curated for you a set of responsive wedding WordPress themes that are best for the job. We took into account, above all, the lightness and modern look, theme features that will help to display specific content. An additional criteria was the quality of support from the authors of the theme and the date of the last update.

The Most Beautiful Wedding Themed WordPress Templates For 2018


The designer’s eye: This theme is simply beautiful. A clean design enriched with beautiful typography. Plenty of layout options to choose from. The gold-shining headers look just perfect. The author of the theme has a very good opinion when it comes to support. Template is designed with great sensitivity and elegance.

The developers eye: Unyson Page Builder was used to build subpages in the theme. Thanks to it, through a simple drag & drop, you can modify the layout of the page. On mobile devices the site looks and works great. However, after launching and adding the content, you will definitely need to use a plug-in that will optimize the website.

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The designer’s eye: This is a very nice, minimalistic wedding theme from the author with flawless reputation.

The developerss eye: Minimalistic template also when it comes to code. It works very well on mobile devices. It is based on the built-in options in WordPress, so people familiar with WordPress will have no trouble setting up a website.

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The designer’s eye: A really nice wedding theme. Suitable for mobile devices. Literally packed with useful features and on top of that template’s author quickly responds to any queries.

The developers eye: Responsive theme based on “Visual Composer” visual editor, which you can love or hate, because it can be a bit slow with more complex layouts. The template demo has not been optimized at all, so the page can load for a long time. But it’s something that can be easily fixed with a bit of optimization.

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The designer’s eye: Rich with beautiful typography and lots of options to choose from. The authors answer quickly and are very helpful.

The developers eye: Rapid Composer plugin was used to build the content, which is very similar to Visual Composer (but it should work faster). The code is not overloaded, the theme demo has already been optimized so the page loads smoothly.

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Wedding Day

The designer’s eye: Light, modern and functional. Minimalistic design paired with simple and elegant typography. Template worth checking out.

The developers eye: Another theme with the Visual Composer as basis for building the content, making the theme a bit heavy and overloaded with the code. However, you can somewhat fix this after running the page optimization.

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Jack & Rose

The designer’s eye: Designed with an amazing feel, delicate colors, beautiful typography and the option to place movie clip in the background of the home page header. One of the prettiest wedding templates I’ve ever seen.

The developers eye:  Like most themes, this one was based on “Page Builder” with the difference that in this case it was custom made by authors. However, the code itself is not overloaded and the theme demo loads quickly – also thanks to the website optimization.

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