How do you know if you overdose on programming

Are these common symptoms? I don’t know. But i do know, that if any of these will show up (normally i don’t do things like that) it means that i immediately need to save and backup everything in diffrent places and immediately get away from computer for some time. Some time is a relative term. It could be an hour, two and if i’m lucky and it’s weekend, then it’s whole weekend ;o) Wifi on telephone also must be turned off.




1. While taking notes on an ordinary sheet of paper, instead of spacing i am typing underscore sign – “_”.
So instead “buy coffe” i’m writing “buy_coffe”.


2. Struggling with unlik function that doesn’t work, i can’t see that damn space at the end.
From that moment, everywhere where space can ruin sth, i’m using trim() function. So if unlink doesn’t work for you in php, and you have no idea what went wrong in your code, check if there isn’t any space. ;o)


3.When i’m trying display variable content and for few minutes, i don’t see that i forgot add echo but at the same time, I check if variable has any content with print function.
Shameful, i know. But why exactly i checked but not display with print? Because print is acting like a function (although it’s not). And most of all – echo is faster than print.


4. to be continued – i hope not ;o)

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