To be, or not to be – we already have the answer.

To be, or not to be – that is the question. When Shakespeare was scratching his head about this in the XVIth century, he didn’t even thought about virtual world. Thankfully virtual world is much simpler than the real world, thus the answer comes easy.

Definitely – to be!

The internet, despite its short history, is everywhere. It’s essential for functioning in the modern world. It’s the main source of information, and it’s perfect way of communicating with clients or customers. You can reach much larger audience with less cost than traditional (offline) ways. Majority of modern world population is using internet. That’s why it’s so important for your business to be present online.

You can be on social media, be present on branch related forum boards. You can write a blog or have your own website. The possibilities are multiplying each day, and they get less expensive. But there’s no point in waiting for perfect opportunity. The sooner your company start existing online the better. Especially nowadays, when your competition doesn’t sleep, losing that precious time can cost you your business.

But! There is something worse than non existence. It’s badly designed or developed website. It can do more damage than no website at all. It can hurt your brand and cost you your clients. But don’t worry, keep it simple, useful to your audience and up to date and you will be totally fine.

And let’s change “Better now than never” to “Better sooner than later”

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