We are problem solvers.

Design is not about color matching, ablility to use wacom tablet or producing logo in 15 minutes. Design is about problem solving. The fact that designers tend to give their sollutions in a beautifull packaging and on a silver platter is another story.

I hope thet this post will be usefull for someone who just starts the adventure with design. And for those who are in this business for some time now will remind what we all are doing here.

Design starts with the need to change. Sometimes it’s improving existing things, and sometimes it’s creating something new that will be the missing piece of the puzzle. Either way the design often solves some kind of problem, therefore designers are problem solvers.

Sometimes the problem is the lack of corporate identity, or that the existing one don’t have the positive impact on the company’s image. Then the role of the designer is to design a logo that will meet all expectations. Sometimes, however, the issue is not so-called design, sometimes the problem is that the client doesn’t know what corporate identity is , let alone if he even need it or not. In this case, the role of the designer is to explain it to him, in words he will understand. For a creative person, which after all a designer should be, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Sometimes, the main problem for the designer is the client who knows better. He knows better what need’s to be done, how we should do it, how long it would take and for how much. On one hand, there is nothing better than customer who know what he wants, on the other hand this customer doesn’t need a designer, he needs a contractor. In this case, the designer has two options, either take the job or not.

Sometimes we stumble uppon a case or a client, which at the moment is so absurd that there is nothing else to do but to make fun of it, let’s say on Facebook. Before you hit enter, ask yourself whether you will make fun of the problem or the fact that you couldn’t solve it.

Unaware client is the frequent punch line of many jokes lately. The problem is that he does not need to know all these things, does not need to know what kerning, bleeds, CMYK or CSS3 is. It’s good when he knows it, but does not have to, cause it’s our job to know.

Let’s say you are sick and go to the doctor, he examines you and without a word, writes the prescription and sends you off. Another time you get the doctor who will explain exactly what’s wrong with you, how to treat it and how to prevent it. Which one of these two you will choose next time you are sick? Which one of these two will you recommend to your relatives or friends?

We can design everything, websites, business cards, flyers, packaging, everything. Even the clients. Maybe we should stop making fun of people and start designing. After all, we are designers.

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