Happiest update ever!

In the Fog is a fantastic charity music project aimed at raising funds for life-saving surgery for children affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The authors of this project are Mirrorman and She.XISTS.

Some time ago I had the honor and pleasure to participate in this project by designing cd cover as well as official website. Today I received an e-mail with a small update on the website. I will not lie when I say that I never was more happy to do the update, and here is why:



Photo of the first two children rescued by In The Fog

I felt like superhero today :-)

But the most beautiful thing is that today anyone of us can feel like superhero and save someone’s life, all you have to do is buy a CD from which all proceeds will be donated to kids affected by genetic diseases that are a result of the chernobyl disaster.

Official website InTheFog.net

Chernobyl International

You can purchace record directly from the website 

or on iTunes

or on cd baby

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