How to add a link to Google Maps with directions

Google Maps is one of the most popular services that users use to find how to get from point A to point B. Many of them also have an app installed on the phone.

If you have company address on a website, it’s a good idea to add directions. Ideally as a link where user can click once, because no one have time to search, copy, paste.

Follow this steps to get a link, that will redirect user to route planner with your address as a destination

Step 1: Go to Google Maps

You don’t need anything else. No other website/service. Just Google Maps.

Step 2: Switch to “directions” mode


Step 3: Enter destination only

Leave starting point empty. User will add his location to this field later.


Step 4: Go to menu


Step 5: Choose option “Share or embed map”


Step 6: Copy URL and use it as a directions link


And that’s it. You can check if my link generated like that works here.


It’s all you need. Now with only one click user can go to Google Maps to get directions to your company. And it doesn’t matter if it’s gonna be via mobile app or desktop browser, as long as he will find a way to you! :o)

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